When we are faced with difficult times, when we can't change the situation, time or challenge faced it is important to look within, can we change the way we think about what we are facing? Will this adjustment make it easier to sail through?
Changing the way you think about a challenge will also change the way you feel about it
If we can find growth, understanding or empathy within our challenging times then we can learn to embrace the storms.
Each challenge is a step forward , an opportunity for growth.
Changing ourselves can help us to look at the world and our challenges differently. Sometimes we can't change external circumstance but we can change the way we feel, react and navigate these.
In difficult times it can be easy to feel stuck and like there is no way forward. To try to look for just one small thing to change, and then another and then another can lead us step by step through.
Take the first step, then the next, then the next