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Ashwaghanda Smoothie Recipe

Written on 01/03/2023
Sophie Kirk

Ashwaghanda is a powerful Ayurvedic herb which has been known for helping with stress; it is an adaptogenic herb which has brain-boosting benefits, it boosts intellect and memory. 

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Smoothie Recipe

1.    ½ banana
2.    2 handfuls of berries
3.    2 tbs of oats – improves blood sugar control, the most nutrient dense food – low calorie but a lot of nutrients
4.    Handful of mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds – healthy fats, zinc
5.    ½ tsp cinnamon – helps regulating blood sugars
6.    1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)
7.    Top up with milk (plant if you want to) – 150 – 200 ml 

Sip smoothie  at least 30 min so that it goes to your blood stream slowly;

Allergens: none

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