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Pad Thai with Tangy Sesame Sauce

Written on 12/29/2022
Sophie Kirk

Most of the Pad Thai’s I find too sweet for me. This one is rich all the nutrients with a tangy sesame dressing. Mushrooms add vit D, and great variety of vegetable add antioxidants. Roasted almonds lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and are a great source of vitamin E; 


1 Pack of brown rice noodles
½ onion, finely sliced
Selection of vegetables like carrots, courgettes (check table below you can choose what you have) – you may chop them into sticks
Broccoli – few florets sliced
1 tbsp  - sesame oil 
150g mushrooms (shitake are delicious and nutritious) , chopped
½ cup – edamame beans (frozen) 
1 tbsp soya sauce 

4tbsp – Tahini paste
1tsp – miso paste
Thumb size ginger – grated
1 tbsp – maple syrup
Sesame seeds 
Juice form ½ lemon

Handful of almonds – plain or roasted crushed



1.    Boil the kettle and pour boiling water on noodles in the bowl and keep them 10 min in water;
2.    Add some oil into the pan (or water) Fry onion in the pan and after 2 min add chopped mushrooms – fry for 5min
3.    Add soya sauce and add all chopped vegetables  and fry until tender
4.    In the meantime do the dressing, add all ingredients to high speed blender and mix, add some water so it is like thick liquid - taste
5.    Add drained noodles
6.    Add dressing and ix everything
7.    Serve on the plate , sprinkle with almonds and sesame seeds.

Allergens: Nuts and sesame 
You can replace with hemp seeds or omit nuts

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